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Cover of To Burp or Not to Burp A Guide to Your Body in Space by Canadian astronaut Dr. Dave Williams, AstroDaveMD.
Cover of Go for Liftoff How to Train Like an Astronaut, by Canadian astronaut Dr. Dave Williams, AstroDaveMD
Cover of Might Mission Machines From Rockets to Rovers by Canadian astronaut Dr. Dave Williams, AstroDaveMD
Cover of Destination Space Living on Other Planets by Canadian astronaut Dr. Dave Williams, AstroDaveMD
Dr. Dave Series on Space

Inspiring reads for budding scientists.

How many kids dream of becoming an astronaut one day? Wouldn’t it be great to float in space and do neat experiments? But before all the “fun” begins, it takes an incredible amount of hard work to prepare for the ride of a lifetime.

This four book series is not just for kids interested in space! The books touch on all aspects of science in an inspiring format that will capture the imagination of all readers. Training like an astronaut is based on a life time love of learning, a passion for reading and a curiosity about our planet and solar system. 

Dr. Dave is an astronaut, aquanaut, jet pilot, ER doctor, scientist, CEO and former Director of Space & Life Sciences at NASA Johnson Space Center.

"Riveting, inspiring words from a man who has the right, bright stuff...." 

Dr. Joe MacInnis, Author of Deep Leadership

  Dr. Dave has led the sort of life that most people only dream of. He has set records for spacewalking. He has lived undersea for weeks at a time. He has saved lives as an emergency doctor, launched into the stratosphere twice and performed surgery in zero gravity.

  But if you ask him how he became so accomplished, he'll say: "I'm just a curious kid from Saskatchewan." He learned to scuba dive at only 12 years old, became a doctor despite academic struggles, and overcame stiff odds and fierce competition to join the ranks of astronauts he had idolized as a child.

  This is an inspirational, life affirming memoir about being an astronaut and a doctor, but more importantly an adventurer and explorer of the world. 

Cover of Defying Limits memoir of Dr. Dave Williams Candian astronaut, Simon and Schuster Canada.

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