Safety and Quality

Few leaders have had the experience of working as a senior executive in the aerospace and healthcare sectors where both environments are intolerant of error. However, humans are fallible. To prevent error from having operational consequences, to optimize safety and quality outcomes, requires a strong organizational culture committed to safety. Learn what it takes to achieve consistent high quality outcomes from an award winning experienced CEO. 

Leadership and Peak Team Performance

Human spaceflight and clinical care share a common attribute, teams of dedicated highly trained professionals working together to achieve remarkable outcomes. Learn how to develop a repertoire of leadership styles and how influence works within large organizations committed to operational excellence.


Learn how to create an organization where innovation thrives. Whether taking an idea from inception to market or empowering teams to manage creative ideas and adopt best practices, innovation is based on creativity, collaboration and perseverance. 

Medicine of Extreme Environments

As an emergency physician and trauma team leader, Dr. Williams was Director of the Department of Emergency Services at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and has cared for fellow team members in space and during undersea missions. Learn what it takes to care for others while exploring the final frontiers.

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